The Unreleased and The Unknown - Part 3 : Gandu

This flick was weird. For sure it was, and needless to say that I love such weird movies. Calling it weird makes my job easier when I make an attempt to convince you that you must watch it because when I am picking a 'cinematic quality', most prominent in the movie' 'Weirdness' comes out as a signature.

Since I am writing about this movie under the series - 'The unreleased and The unknown' - it becomes quite evident that the censor board didn't allow 'Gandu' to see Indian theatres because it had some sex scenes and they did not use flowers, bees and dupattas to shoot those scenes, rather they used male and female genitals. (yeah the showed man's whoo-whoo-dilly and the women's chaa-chaa', the bad thing)

Gandu is a Bengali film, written and directed by Qaushik Mukherjee (better known as 'Q') about the weirdest creature ever shown in Indian cinema- Gandu. As the title says, HE IS GANDU. He is a Loser.
He spends his every day following a routine. He wakes up and has breakfast with Mom, now waits for his  Mom and her boyfriend to get down to business (i.e. fucking) and while they are busy playing hanky-panky he steals from her boyfriend's wallet. He uses it  to gamble daily, visits an internet cafe.....and repeats... and repeats. 

But he is a rapper, and he wants to be rich some day with his rap. Whenever he is frustrated, he raps, and whenever he is not frustrated, he raps. 

Before I blabber more about the movie, watch the trailer - 

When asked about the sexuality in the movie, Qaushik said, "I don't see why it is shocking for us. This kind of provocation has been a part of every kind of culture. What I am doing right now is a clear reference to the kind of post modern punk or post 90's shock cinema that came from Japan and Korea, a very highly developed form of art. For me, it is difficult to understand why people keep saying that it is something new. All they have to do is simply Google about it. "

If you want to know more about Q, he has worked in advertising for some 12 years and directed hundreds of commercials, winning various awards along the way. As he was more amazed by the independent films of Europe and Japan, he retired voluntarily and shifted to Kolkata and started working on 'Gandu'. 

Three things you must know about 'Gandu' (and which might ultimately ensure that you watch the movie, which is my only motive) - 
  • Gandu is (probably the only) authentic rap musical (Music is by 'Five Little Indians')
  • Gandu was shot in 'Black and White' (Not interested in black and white movies? Sorry, I Can't help you)
  • Gandu did not have any official script (Doesn't excite you? But then you watch Yashraj movies too and they also don't have any official scripts)
Music happens to be the soul of the movie. Five Little Indians have done a brilliant job. 

The rage, the frustration (every tiny bit of it) and the rap is what it makes a very different cinematic experience!!

Enough talking....Listen to this - 

It was a very courageous decision to shoot Gandu in black and white. Some would say that it was shot in 'black and what' so that it could portray that 'Gandu' had nothing 'colourful'/happening/worth-noticing in his life. The testimony to that observation is the fact that the only coloured scene in the movie is the sex scene between Gandu (Anubrata Basu) and Rituparna (the Girl in the Cafe/Kaali/the Prostitute). (And, She happens to be the girlfriend of Qaushik, as I said its a weird movie and his girl friend gives a blow job to Gandu)

Some reviewers say that more than just an aesthetic choice it was an attempt to allow the viewer to experience this film and its characters free from prejudice.  

I would say it was more about 'Style' (The Qaushik Signature') and the 'Graphic' element in the movie and when I say 'Graphic' element, I am referring to 'Sin City'.  

you notice some similarity??

Joyraj Bhattacharjee plays another brilliant character as 'Ricksha' (because he is a Rikshaw puller) who happens to be the only friend (or solace) of Gandu. The conversations between Gandu and Riksha are lovely because they are only about 'chutiyapa' and 'gandu-giri'. 

And if 'chutiyapa and gandugiri' really interests you....Have a look - 

Please, Go watch this movie. I couldn't find it on YouTube. But must be on torrents (Hail Piracy....Long Live Piracy). Help Yourself.....



{ Caligula } at: April 29, 2012 at 9:35 AM said...

Thanks for posting about this movie. But for this post, I would never have come to know about it. I downloaded it from torrentz and saw it. It's like whiskey, you hate the taste when you drink it, but then you don't drink it for the taste do you? ;)
Do keep posting about more unknown films.

{ avishekdattaray } at: May 30, 2012 at 9:26 AM said...

According to me the movie is in black and whit to show a smooth sliding of gandu between reality and his hallucinations arising from his drug induced morbid life

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