4 Great Rajinikanth Fight Scenes from Hindi Films

Way before he became an internet sensation and was introduced to to a new legion of Hindi film fans as a Desi version of Chuck Norris (although Rajinikanth can any day beat Chuck Norris with the pinky of his left hand), the Thalaivar had already invented Being Awesome. Today he is the Alpha and the Omega of Indian films, when his films get released there is a mass frenzy which no filmstar in the world can claim to. And during the 80s (which was a strange strange decade for movies around the world) he provided some respite from awful films by gracing a lot of Hindi films with his presence.

When Rajini Acts in a Movie, Amitabh Bachchan is relegated to the right corner of the Poster

It was a time when Special effects were not exactly what you would call top-notch. However, Rajinikanth, proving time and again that what he does is not a result of any Special effects, translated his action scenes from down south excellently in to Hindi film fare (and he didn't miss a beat while he lit up a cigarette with a gun as he punched/kicked three goons at once). It was Bollywood's loss that Thalaivar decided in the nineties that he would concentrate on regional films, otherwise his awesomeness would have spilled over the entire film industry, causing most of the hindi films in the past two decades to be much better than they are.

This would have been a Real photograph

4. Andha Kanoon

The good person who uploaded this video named it 'Rajinikanth Beats Up Bad Guys Awesome Scene', and I can't help but agree with every word of the title. There are some bad guys who are trying to do some vasooli of the bad kind from a young and healthy Reena Roy. Enter Rajinikanth. The Thalaivar can not let shit like that fly in front of his eyes. He promptly surrounds the four bad guys (yes, you read that right) and punches two of them while lighting up a cigarette

'Never waste time, I say!'
And the cigarette dangles from his mouth better than Humphrey Bogart could have ever imagined. He rains kicks and punches, and when he decides to take a deep contented drag, he obviously needs a good foothold, after all it's the middle of a fist fight.

'Stand Still, I say!'

Most of this fight scene does not involve any show of Superhuman strength. It's typical masala fair with the added goodness of Rajinikanth in it. He elevates this scene to a different level

He also makes sure not even the villains go home thirsty
Number of Punches The Bad Guys were able to land on Rajini = 1
Number of Bad Guys decimated under 120 seconds = 4

Rajinikanth also manages to kill Three goondas by the name of Amar, Akbar and Anthony while wearing a Jacket that would later inspire none other than Arnie, who would model his look in Terminator (which released an year later) to pay tribute to the Poster above.

3. Geraftaar

Amitabh Bachchan had an extended cameo in Andha Kanoon, so Rajinikanth returned the favour by having a special guest appearance in Geraftaar. And when the Thalaivar returns a favour, He does it with a mega dose of style.

Rajinikanth literally jumps in to the scene to stop three Badmashes from Running away.

Number of Legs = 2
Number of bad guys biting dust = 3

Just to show a small glimpse of how Awesome he is, he throws a cigarette in the air, fires a bullet at it, catches it back and smokes it, nonchalantly.

Making the Baddies wish they had not escaped Karan in the first place
However, the most famous scene is the one in which Rajinikanth proves that he is the ultimate level of Coolness walking in a human form. It is sadly a scene in which he dies in the end, but he makes sure the villains know that they have been in a fight before he ends

The scene starts with Rajini disarming the bad guys and taunting them by giving them guns and kicking the weapons back to his hands.

Yes, he Does have Eyes at the Back of His Head

It takes more than two 'main villains' to overpower Rajinikanth, and even they can't do it without the help of a Huge crane and some cheating.

Sharat Saxena knows that Rajini cannot be beaten in a Hand to Hand combat situation

When other 'Heroes' die, they prelude their Death with a long rant, an apology to God, some spiritual epiphany, a word of wisdom for those who survive. But Rajinikanth doesn't go for that kind of shit. The top priority in his mind is to make sure the villains know that he does not give a fuck, so he continues smoking as if nothing of great import is happening to him.

'What do you mean Death is approaching? I haven't finished my cigarette yet!'
He continued kicking ass till the very end (poor Sharat Saxena) when the villains tie him up to his jeep and set fire to the vehicle, knowing that if they used any other form of murder, Rajinikanth would pretty much get up and continue hunting for them.

2. Bhagwan Dada

Even Hrithik Roshan knew that if he had to learn the ropes to being an action star in Future Perfect, he would have to undergo the tutelage of Rajinikanth. And so Papa Roshan Produced a film which was all about Rajini, and had a couple of minutes of young Hrithik Roshan in it, who dies (etc) and is avenged by Thalaivar who is awesomely named 'Bhagwan Dada'

Papa Roshan was one of the most pathetic actors this country has ever had the misfortune of having. See, how in a movie bankrolled by him, a dumb pick-pocket pwns him and leaves him crying for mercy (and justice) etc. It's only thanks to Rajinikanth that he is able to retrieve his Rs 80 and 12 paise, but not before Rajini lays to waste three errant fools (whom Mr T would have surely Pitied) who did not know who they were messing with.

Although the idiot at Eros' youtube channel who was at the helm of affairs while this clip was being uploaded did not know that he could be facing the Thalaivar's wrath for keeping such an irreverent name of this video, he has perhaps remained unscathed because of Rajini's generosity. However, three idiots were not so lucky.

Idiot no. 1, getting a small dose of Knowing His Role and Shutting his Mouth

Fools often keep company with fools, hence, this idiot is aided by two more, and it takes only one punch from Rajini to hit them both

Rajini doesn't waste punches, he only wastes bad guys

Then of course the prophesy fulfilling Head kicks take place and the fight takes place in a typical Masala fashion, until THIS happens, and Rajini switches Awesome on

Rajini invents a Fight move that no WWE wrestler of the past-present-future can think of imitating
My only regret is that Papa Roshan doesn't gets creamed as Collateral damage.

PS - There's another Longer fight scene which is more of a one-on-one combat between Rajini and Danny (and for some inexplicable reason it's called Bhagwan Dada vs Kancha Cheena whereas his name in the movie is Shambhu)

1. Aatank Hi Aatank

True Rajini fans would start tracing my IP and looking for ways to come and kill me because of my inclusion of a scene from a movie whose mere mention would bring about a bout of Memory loss in Aamir Khan stronger than anything the hero of 'Ghajini' faced. This film falls under the category of 'So Bad that it's...let's face it, So Bad!' Yet, it also matches Rajinikanth with one of the most memorable violent characters ever to be projected on Silver screen

Specifically - This Guy
So who does it better? James Caan or Rajinikanth? The comparison making you dizzy with thoughts of  'Holy fookin shit!'? This video clip shall help you decide

The scene (like the entire movie) is an unapologetic lift from The Godfather, but it brings out a side of the Thalaivar's acting persona that you come across rarely. Even when he sends goondas flying through the air, he does it with Style, Aplomb, more Style and mostly, a smile. But not in this case, here he beats (does not battle, but beats) one guy and does it with more aggression than you would have ever seen.

The look on Dalip Tahil's face 'Oh Shit! I just crapped my pants!'

Dalip Tahil is sent flying across a couple of tables/chairs, but then that is just Rajini letting him have it easy for the first few moments. Later he is dragged across stairs

Gets a well placed Kick to The Head

And then is hit by the full force of Rajini on his mid-section as a permanent warning telling him that he should know who he is messing with

The violence is all fine, you say, and then you go on to ask 'Why this scene? What's so freaking important about this scene?'

Well, think of it as Rajinikanth paying Homage to the Godfather. Now, watch it again.


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