Bade Acche Lagte Hain ?? Really ??

Jab Chhote the to bahut achche lagte the, par ab bade ho gaye hain to achche nahi lagte? Be it in our country or across the pacific ocean, having success as a child star means 8 out of 10 times that you shall be a washed up actor when it comes to playing lead roles. Here's a list of 6 Classic cases who have unfortunately earned their place on this rather infamous list -

6. Kunal Khemu - 

We at Filmistani love the movie 'Hum Hain Rahi Pyaar Ke', and the little kids antics were the best part about the film. And then as a child actor he was good in Zakhm, Raja Hindustani, Sir, Bhai and in Doordarshan TV series Gul Gulshan Gulfaam (1987). But then, a few years later he decided that what he needed was to transport his 'Cute' image to 'Handsome Young man'. He does look Okay these days (and has been able to snatch the pretty Soha Ali to his credit) but perhaps Mahesh Bhatt did some unspeakable favour to him which made him debut in the horrible film 'Kalyug', and he followed it up with the 'As Good As Flat Beer' movie 'Traffic Signal'. He is not helping his own cause by having a resume which goes on to read 'Jai Veeru' (starring the excellent Fardeen Khan) and 'Blood Money' (again produced by Mahesh Bhatt). His 'adult' career is almost seven years old, and going nowhere.

Still, at least he has Soha Ali Khan.

5. Aftab Shivdasani - 
Payal ...mujhe bacha lo Payal...
Oh yeah...come here my Farex Babu...This is the place to be
Poor poor Aftab Shivdesani. He starred in one of the most popular 'Kid' films of his generation, and perhaps all his movies as an 'adult' cannot collectively match the popularity of Mr India (also appeared in films such as ShahenshahChaalBaaz and InsaniyatHe found fame when he wasn't even aware of it as a Farex Baby, and hasn't really grown up after that.

He debuted in a movie headlined by Urmila Mantodkar (not a very good sign) and has since then done around 40 movies, which says a lot more about the people who sign him on than it says about him. As an actor he is So unpopular that in all the Melas that I have been to, I have seen Posters of Tushar Kapoor being sold, but not a single one of Aftab.

In fact, once during a reality show hosted by Sajid Khan called 'Sabse bada fan' or something like that, when he came across someone who claimed to be a fan of Aftab, he was so surprised that he immediately called the actor(?) and told him that he finally found a fan.

Poor Aftab's film career is so bad that the only movie that he has (somehow) produced does not even have a Wikipedia stub article (leave alone a page) in its name.

4. Jugal Hansraj - 
Ghar se nikalte hi...kuch door chalte hi...sala main bada ho gaya :(

Of the two child actors who starred in Masoom (also worked in KarmaSultanat, Jhutha Sach and Loha), Jugal Hansraj had the worse luck (and you know that you are comparing him with Urmila Mantodkar so that's saying a Lot) When he sprang on the scene once he was grown up, he was instantly compared to Aamir Khan, and we all know that comparisions to an existing hit film star doom you to hell.

To his credit, he has appeared in only a handful of movies with him as one of the leads, and post Mohabattein he has taken to making a career out of appearing in Cameos. I bet he gets paid something per minute for his appearances.

In 2008 he directed an animated film which did what it was expected to. Sank without a trace. Then, he went on to direct a movie starring India's greatest comeback star who also happened to be the producer of the movie, and it was based on what was perhaps the most novel idea of all time, 'What happens when a geek and a beauty fall in love' (Waste of money on a flop film that's what!)

3. Master Ratan - 
Still from the epic song ..Nanhe Munne Bacche ...

Master Ratan was perhaps India's pioneer Child Star. He starred in the brilliant film 'Boot Polish' which is even today revered as one of India' best movies, it was nominated for the Palm D'or at Cannes. Sadly, today there is no trace of Master Ratan, even google images could not find his latest photos. The only news that the internet could give me was that 

a) He vanished in to thin air
b) He migrated to Pakistan

His filmography includes some 30 movies and a handful of bad luck.

Have a look at this video from Boot Polish - 'Nanhe Munne Bacche Teri Mutthi Me Kya Hai' - and do tell me if doesn't give you goosebumps. Indeed it is sad that he vanished ... 

2. Master Raju - 
Maa...agar mujhe pata hota hai ki bada hokar aisa ho main kabhi bada nahi hota :(

He must have been the cutest child star ever. Don't you just go 'awww' when you see him? (ladies...didn't you?) He has starred in some of your favourite movies (I am sure...You must have seen Parichay? Bawarchi, Abhiman, Chitchor and Kitaab) and had a pretty impressive run as a child star, he started quite early, though not exactly as a Farex baby, but still he spent over a decade and a half in the 'Child artiste' category. Yes, he was the cute child itching his bums in a very cure manner as Pintu, Bablu or Raju in some brilliant movies of 70s. 

However, there is a difference between Aftabs, Kunals and Master Raju, instead of waiting for a span of few years to 'Mature' into Good looks from Childish charm, he did the sensible thing and upgraded instantly from a cute child to a character actor (and went from being Master Raju to Raju Shreshtha). He has done loads of movies starting as the Hero/Heroin ka Bhai or College Ka Dost or as the obligatory character with bit parts as a lawyer (etc). (See filmography of 97 titles here

He knew that his mediocre adult looks would never pass on as Hero material, so he has carved himself a decent career in TV too.

1. Junior Mehmood - 

For some time there might be novelty in the act of imitating the most famous comedian of your era. But then, that is a cheque you cannot always keep on cashing-in. So Junior Mehmood started out by being an Oh-So-Cute version of Mehmood sa'ab (in Naunihal, Suhaag Raat, Brahmachari, Kati Patang, Chhoti Bahu and many more in 1970s....), and soon was often seen as heir apparent to him more than Lucky Ali can ever hope to be. However, the time of Mehmood sa'abs popularity passed (although he remained awesome, as can be witnessed in Andaz Apna Apna) and with that also ended the child actor who could have been great (by theory of probability).

I was saddened to read his IMDB list because the roles he got in the past decade are of the nature of 'Vegetable Vendor', 'Asylum Inmate', 'Servant' etc. Perhaps Jr Mehmood never had a chance, or perhaps being a success as a child actor is a curse that you cannot let go of.


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If I am not mistaken, this Master Raju played Narad Muni in a lot of TV serials in the 'O! Epic dramas are so cool' period... right?

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