5 Films That Actually Deserve a Sequel


A lot of movies release these days with the appendages ‘2’ ‘3’ etc with them, which have no goddamned connection with previous movies of the same name (and lesser digits), these movies are NOT sequels, their names are a result of a creative deficit on part of the bloody filmmakers. However, for the past 5-6 years or so, the film industry has warmed to the ideas of actual sequels and not just repeated names, and for some reason Aamir Khan is acting in the atrocious Dhoom series (perhaps in an attempt to make it less atrocious), Dabangg 2 is going to be released soon, Ab Tak Chappan 2 too is ready (but unreleased). Here we take a look of some of our favourite films which can easily have an awesome continuation of their story

5. Dil Chahta Hai

It was the movie which shifted Bromance from two heroes firing bullets and jumping in tandem like the Blue and Red soldiers of Contra to three guys sitting around and ‘chilling’. Of course the difference being that the dilemma in their life wasn’t about battling terrorists or evil ‘ladki ke baap’ with huge mansions, it was more about falling in love with older women, mishandling dad’s business and stealing girls from boring boyfriends.

Why it needs a sequel –
Admittedly the movie started with a ‘Flashback’ and had friends in the end grappling with what happened between them in the past, it also ended with a Happily Ever After moment. But ten years down the line, it would be interesting to think where Middle Age has brought the three friends (in real life it has meant obscurity, marrying Kareena Kapoor and becoming a social crusader), the story could be about how these three friends who would have by now settled into the quiet mediocrity that a happy marriage has to offer, and the time would be ripe to go on another trip, there might not be much past water under the bridge, but it won’t stop them from having new adventures.

4. Baadshah

In a serious error of judgement, the writer of the previous post  on SR left out this film while listing out his versatile endeavours. Although heavily Pritam-ized from many films (including the awesome Rush Hour) this is perhaps SR’s only attempt at an out and out comedy (the ‘fun’ in K-Jo films doesn’t count). And the result was good, Baadshah is as watchable today as it was around 15 years ago when it was released. It’s a sad thing that not many producers directors saw this flare for Comedy that SR has (which he has borrowed heavily from a good source, viz. Jackie Chan). And hence in that spirit it is time for an update on what is happening in Baadshah’s life.

Why it needs a sequel –

Unlike the previous example, middle age would not have brought mediocrity into the life of the bumbling detective and his posse of efficient buffoons. The last movie ended with him becoming rich and famous, and thus it opened up to a lot of possibilities, he can now have cases which take him international, money that would have let him enhance his already brilliant rotating revolving house, plus, Twinkle Khanna looks much much hotter now that she has moved into the MILF (Mothers I Like Fine) category. Shah Rukh Khan is in any case doing a film with Rohit Shetty, it won’t hurt his resume at all to produce and act in The Return of Baadshah.

3. Sarfarosh

We have already discussed about how ACP Rathore (NOT Rowdy Rathore) is one of the best policemen to be played on celluloid. But then the movie Sarfarosh was not just about the top-cop. It had a bevy of interesting characters, ranging from the upright Mukesh Rishi (where is he nowadays?) to the comic network of informants (Aasmaan mein...tedeun....laakhon tare). Plus, despite the debacle that was ‘Shikhar’, we would like to watch John Mathew Mathan’s direction once again.

Why it needs a sequel –

The movie ended with ACP Rathore and his men going on another case, in the first movie he battled an external enemy (our friendly neighbour) but a decade and more from then, there are a lot of internal enemies being rapidly exposed that need to be dealt with. A ruthlessly honest officer would have trying times, besides it would be interesting to see him investigate cases wherein the enemy is too big to fail.

2. Aankhen

A movie which should have made more money than it actually did. The plot, based on a Gujarati play was good (and the execution also more or less, except for the skate-board present in the bank, but...never mind). It had Amitabh Bachchan returning to being an anti-hero, and it had three blind men robbing a bank and outwitting their boss.

Why it needs a sequel –

Akshay Kumar has fallen into a weird-ass rut which he needs to get out off, Arjun Rampal, while not so awesome in the acting department has consistently done better films since then, and looks better too. Amit ji is unfortunately not that big a draw at the box office anymore, perhaps a return to this character would make the difference. And although a considerable amount of time has passed since the movie came out, if it is ever made, it should start exactly where the previous movie left off (although a movie about a time period of 10 years ago would seem like a period film), and continue the chase between the fallen Banker and his protégés.

1. Zanjeer

Yes, we try to fit in Amit ji (and Zanjeer and Deewar and Sholay and...) into as many of our lists as possible. But hear us out first, Zanjeer was the kickstart to Amit ji’s career. It was the film that gave him the angry young man name. And it is a film that would do well to have a sequel because as a concept it worked quite well in the west (Harry Brown and Gran Tarino). We are not suggesting a complete Pritamization, but perhaps the same central idea can be used.

Why it needs a sequel (and not a remake) –

Angry cop Vijay would (let’s face it) have not risen very high in the Police ranks because of his honesty and his aggression. Post retirement, (10 years post retirement, using Amitabh B’s actual age), he would have a pent up anger in him which without his uniform he would have no outlet for. So this anger can easily turn him into a vigilante, an angry old man who takes on young thugs, within the limitations that his old age imposes upon him.

PS – Govind Nihalani once said that the character that Amit ji played in Dev is his imagining of what Vijay would have been, so that can be said to be a quasi-sequel.

The Versatility of Mr Shah Rukh Khan


As filmistan gears up for the release of the next SR film, in the wake of the untimely death of Sri Yash Chopra, we look at the trailers and ponder over the age old question that each one of us (including you) would have raised at some point of time in your life (specifically yesterday), Why does Shah Rukh Khan play the same romantic role over and over again for the past I don't know how many years? (Ask the manager of Maratha Mandir)

Also, why does he have the same pose in every film?

Something like this

But then, here we are to prove that SR is not unidimensional (sic) at all, and in fact he has done a variety of roles that Johnny Depp would be almost proud of. 

Consider this - 

1. Acted in a short film written by Arundhati Roy

Art house SR
2. In the beginning of his career, acted in three films as an anti-hero and villain, with a habit of terrorizing women with dazzling smiles

He liked to bleed
3. Worked with Ketan Mehta on weird projects

It had an awesome song featuring Javed Jaffrey

4. Made a beautiful film in which he starred as a lovable loser

5. Returned to being a troubled anti-social anti-hero

He dressed up for 'Contra'

6. Worked in a movie about Terrorism before it was mainstream

7. Played mute in a movie

Contra Too
8. After having reached a peak in popularity, readily played a supporting role in a Kamal Hasan film

9. Produced and acted in a film that portrayed what News Channels in India would become a few years ahead of its time

10. Helped an artist achieve his dream of making a film which no one quite understood 

11. Produced and acted in a film about one of India's best known kings

Although the result was...unfortunate
12. Despite his 'Romansak' tag, always tries to make films with a focus on guns and explosions

13. Effortlessly played 'Geek who saves the world'

14. Brought back the 'stache' from the 80s (years before it was made a pre-requisite for the 100 cr mark)

15. And most recently, played an Out and Out villain, with not a shred of 'Positive character' 

And the main thing is, he is not even done yet! If you look back, you will see an actor who has tried a lot of different roles (although the results were mostly not good, but then you can't say that he didn't try).

Hence, the next time someone tells you that SR is not a versatile actor, show them this list, and see them wilt.

Disclaimer - We at Filmistani, do not endorse any of the movies above, please watch at your own risk.