The Unreleased and The Unknown - Part 1 - Urf Professor


I bet most of you haven't watched this brilliant flick by Pankaj Advani.
Pankaj Advani? mm....who? 
Remember Shahrukh Khan starrer Kabhi haan, Kabhi haan (1993)? 
Yes you surely do because the movie was magical. 

Pankaj Advani was the co-writer of the flick and if you ask me to name a couple of more films by this person then I would only be able to name Sankat City (2009) for which he was nominated as 'Most Promising Debut Director' and the movie was also nominated for the best screenplay in 55th filmfare awards. Sad that in year 2009 he was nominated as "DEBUTANT". Despite having Kay Kay and Anupam Kher (and Yashpal Sharma?? and Manoj Pahwa ??) and positive reviews from the critics the movie failed on box office because of the poor publicity of the movie. 

But there is something else that I would like you to know about him, that Pankaj Saa'b directed Urf Professor which was, by far, his best movie, and one of the best dark comedies of Bollywood too (Now you want to debate...don't you? How can I call this movie the best?... Well, go watch the movie on YouTube or, do yourself a favor, download it from torrents) 

 If you wonder that how come you didn't have a chance to hear about this movie then its not your fault. The movie wasn't released because it couldn't get the certificate from the Censor Board and people like Pankaj Advani Saa'b (and Anurag Kashyap) don't care enough to edit the movie for the board.

I don't know what label should I attach to the genre of the movie... Dark Comedy? Thriller? I don't care. Digital Talkies generously gave Pankaj Saa'b 13 lakhs rupees and 13 days to make this movie and he couldn't reject the offer. 13 is not a lucky number? Is it? The movie couldn't be released in India.

The movie blows you away right from the very first scene (see the YouTube link below) where the guy asks his wife that they should reveal about their past loves as they are married now and nothing should be hidden between them. He starts boasting about how many girlfriends he had, whom he kissed and where he kissed (uske mummay bade mast the, dabane me majedar aur choosne me aur bhi mast)....

 The girl keeps on listening and suddenly reveals, maine sabse pahle apni driver k bete ko choda tha aur fir maali ko...wo pahla aadmi tha jisne mujhe peeche se choda tha..... meri jaan nikaal deta tha.

The madness and chaos grows with the every frame of the movie. I bet that this conversation between Manoj Pahwa, Vallabh Vyas and Yashpal Sharma is one of the most chaotic, comic and dark scenes of Bollywood (why do I always talk in superlatives? because I am talking about Urf Professor)
Here is the scene - 

This underground cult classic black comedy got the Best Film Award at the International Digital Film Festival India. Most of the actors did their career best in this movie. (again superlatives?big deal?)  


Antara Mali was in the movie and she did a good job, Sharman Joshi was in the movie (did a good job) and Devang Patel was in the movie (he did a good job too!!) . Now you get my point !!

RIP Pankaj Saa'b


{ Paul } at: April 26, 2012 at 9:05 PM said...

Let me start by asking you the following question: "You call this a movie?"...Definitely not by the worst of standards.....Useless efforts at comedy..not by plot but by making coherence in story line....this looks like a home made rip off of a Guy Ritche movie gone haywire....I am sure this can't be your taste and this post is just a form of satire......

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