Kahan gaye wo log?? - Part 1

Much before the Hritik Roshans and Imran Khans of the bollywood, there were actors making blistering debut films. But how were they to know that the instant stardom will peter out in  matter of 2 more movies. So the golden debutants who had their asses whipped by the industry sooner rather than later became a lost face in the crowd.
                              Imtiaz sahab, aapki baat nahi ho rahi, aap to gabbar ke bhai hain. All time superstar

So the first name that strikes sympathy in our hearts is Kumar Gaurav. Its another thing that he was son of legendary Rajendra Kumar and was born as Manoj Tuli( Hahahahah). His maiden film, Love Story broke the barriers of cash and we had an instant loverboy, the one early 80s will have hard time to get over with (as Jitendra was breaking the bollywood alone with movies such as Mawali, Himmatwala and Haqeeqat). It was only after the arrival of Govinda in mid 80s that B-Town had a new lover boy who didnt have the subtlety of Kumar Gaurav but had the extraordinary flair about him. Coming back to Love Story, Gaurav ji and Pandit ji (Not Keshav but Vijeta) sang beautiful songs around the trees which still can be heard playing by quixotic lovers day and night, we had our new Rajkapoor-Nargis. He was heart throb of all those 80s woman (if there's anything like that) - sabke dil ka raja

Agar ye sachha pyaar nahi to duniya me sachha pyaar hai hi nahi

Love Story ensured that Kumar Gaurav was going to get his register rolling for some time in the candy boy love stories but his aspirations met a tragic reality when he failed to repeat his success. People see his cute persona as a reason for his downfall as he was trapped in his own image and wrong choice of scrips and movies. And slowly the new wave of Indian Bollywood swept him away and the era of Mithun Da, Sunny Deol and Govinda started with occasional kicks from our baal kalakar Anil Kapoor.

I was amazed to know that he has acted in 27 movies despite getting no remembrance in anyone's memory. The next big thing was going to b the sentimental brother in the highly acclaimed beauty, Naam. But alas! Sanjay Dutt walked out with most of the applause and the only person who got brilliant acclaim was the man himself, Pankaj Udhas. Altnhough one of the best friendship (dosti)/ brotherhood (bhaichara) song was pictured on him

 Singapore me baithe hindustaniyon ko rula diya :(

Sanjay Dutt hamesha se sadakchhap tha.

So this was the last time anyone ever heard of Kumar Gaurav properly. He made some news when he married Sanju Baba's sister Namrata and totally became oblivious to common man's eyes (what about the 27 movies?)

So here is Kumar Gaurav in Indrajeet cast along Amit Ji and Neelam. People even remembered Neelam but not him
Please dont look at Amitabh Bachhan like this!!!!

Rajendra Kumar did try to give another shot to his son's career in 1993 by releasing Phool, but the damage was already done (Filmistani Alert: Something like this happened to Armaan Kohli too and the result was Jaani Dushman) 

The last time someone saw glimpses of him was in Kaante where he is the 'Muqaddar ka sikandar' running with all the money of the heist.

Socha nahi tha taqdeer yahan laayegi, 
Manzil pe aate hi jaan chali jayegi

After the utter disappointment in Bollywood, KG moved to Hollywood following footsteps of errr... no one. A bold move indeed. In 2004 he appeared in his first American film Guiana 1838, no wonder, no one ever heard of it. And then while he turned tender 49, he appeared in his first and the only silent movie  - My daddy strongest. Way to go dad!! No wonder he has been silent.

Coming July Kumar Gaurav will be 52, almost the number of weeks Love Story made it at the box office but sadly he will always be the one-hit wonder. 


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