Nirupa Roy

copied from Ozzy on PassionforCinema (Never came to know your real name though - but you are the reason why I am writing on filmistani at all)

The universal mother of the 80s Hindi cinema. She was everywhere. You needed a mother. She was there. You did not need a mother. She was there.

It was difficult time for the actors (both male and female) who could find no escape from the long reaching powerful smart motherly tentacles of Nirupa Roy, who’s compulsory line in all her movies was…

“Main teri Ma hoon. Ma ka kehna nahin manega?” and the actors had to do what she said, however stupid it may be.

The actors grew smarter. So they changed their roles in the script. Nirupa Roy was now like a mother..

Actor: “Aap Ma – saman (like) hain”

It had no effect. Nirupa Roy would shoot back…

Nirupa Roy: “Dekh tune mujhe Ma kahan. Ma ka kehna nahin manega?” and thus making the actors do what she wanted them to do.

Since the last idea flopped, the actors found another idea. In later movies they said…

Actor: “Aap ko dekhkar mujhe mere Bhabhi ki yaad aa gayi”

No effect. Nirupa Roy had the ground covered.

Nirupa Roy: “Dekh tune mujhe Bhabhi kahan. Bhabhi Ma saman hoti hain. Apni ma ka kehna nahin manega?” and she would tow the actors wherever she wanted to drag them.

Actors were running short of ideas. They got desperate. How the hell would they escape this Ma. HOW HOW HOW??? Idea!

Actor: “Badi Malkin hum toh chote aadmi hain”

Nirupa Roy was too smart for such punks! HA!

Nirupa Roy: “Duniya mein chota bada koi nahin hota. Dekh tune mujhe Badi Malkin kahan hain. Badi Malkin Ma saman hoti hain. Apni ma ka kehna nahin manega?“… there was just no escape… the actors tried everything, Nirupa-jee always had the answer.

Actor: “Chachi” – Nirupa Roy: “Ma Saman”
Actor: “Bua” – Nirupa Roy: “Ma Saman”
Actor: “Sauteli Ma” – Nirupa Roy: “Ma Saman”
Actor: “Badi Didi” – Nirupa Roy: “Ma Saman”
Actor: “Stranger who saves kid from accident” – Nirupa Roy: “Ma Saman”
Actor: “Grandfather’s uncle’s daughter’s aunt’s husband’s cousin’s neighbour’s housemaid” – Nirupa Roy: “Ma Saman”
Actor (in utter frustration): “BHOOTNEEEEEEEEE” – Nirupa Roy (calmly): “Ma Saman”

… it just wasn’t working. Nirupa Roy had the Ma angle in her iron grip for the entire 70s and 80s.


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