4 Losers Who Should Have Won

There's a law of Filmy love triangles which dictates that if there are three people involved in a potential relationship then one of them has to either die a horrible death (plane crash/cancer/get eaten by sharks/slip on a banana peel) or gracefully exit from the scenario to let the other two have a 'Happily Ever After', but in more cases than one you feel that the writer has given the short end of the straw to the guy who should have by all logic gotten the girl. Here is our opinion about four of them.

4. Vikrant Kapoor in Taal

Taal was an ok-ok film with good music and a hackneyed storyline in which a guy meets a Gaanv ki Gori, and falls in love with her.

It helps that she looks like THIS

She too for inexplicable reasons (and because they have similar sounding names) falls for him, but after the usual Ghar-Parivar issues play spoilsport, their relationship comes to a comma (because of the minor issue of her boyfriend insulting her father). Despondent, depleted and dejected she meets a saviour in the form of a pre-Slumdog Millionaire Anil Kapoor

So Anil Kapoor provides both work and money for her and her father, brings her father's work national and supposedly international recognition, makes her realize her true potential as a singer and a dancer, while her boyfriend spends time skate-boarding etc, without spending much effort to do anything tangible to win her back

Anil Kapoor too falls in love with the girl (cause she's Goddamned Aishwarya Rai) and proposes her to marry him, offering both love and economic security. And then Akshay Khanna comes back into the picture, doing what amounts to brain-washing, to steal the girl back from Mr India.

Seriously, what!?!?

3 and 2. Nisha/Ajay in Dil To Pagal Hai

Poor Akshay Kumar got neither the girl  nor space on the poster
Paul Kulha says something like if you want something than the whole universe does something to help you get that something, or something. In this film, Nisha (Karisma Kapoor in arguably her hottest avatar) loves SR to such a degree of madness that it seeps out of the screen and on to the audience. In fact she stops just one step before psychopath, and all SR does is keep blabbering about an imaginary girl while ignoring the hot chick in front of him.

Look at me! LOOK AT ME!
But then the imaginary girl turns out to be Madhuri freakin' Dixit, and tips the balance horribly against Nisha.
Pictured : Unfair competition
She literally dances her heart out in front of SR to no avail, because Madhuri Dixit.

In the end she concedes that nothing can be done and exits (in an alternate universe, she would have ensured that Mrs Nene's character meet a horrible accident)

Which brings us to the second character in the film with tough luck

She might be smiling now but she will break your heart later
Akshay Kumar got approximately ten minutes of screen-time (and as mentioned earlier, 0 inches of poster space) in this film. His character is the die-hard romantic teenage girls write about in their poems, he takes the girl he loves for shopping to a different country for crying out loud! 

And yet, the girl ends up falling in love with the weird self-absorbed Rahul. Perhaps the story-writer had a serious vendetta against Akki.

Although SR ended up getting the girl in this film, it's not that he hasn't had to play the loser. In fact his best film role was

1. Sunil in Kabhi Haan Kabhi Naa

This is such a heart-warming film that it makes you want to hug yourself. SR plays Sunil, who is from a not-well-to-do family, fails continuously in his exams and is under-valued in his band (which in itself doesn't do so well)

And to add to it, he is in love with a girl called Anna who likes Chris, who is rich, successful and a guitarist, and even though he is played by Deepak Tijori, he has a better chance of getting the girl

And can afford better clothes
Sunil tries every trick to separate the two, from small things like puncturing Chris' car to lying to both of them about their date-plans

His character is cheerfully Wodehousian in his innocent lies and schemes, and it makes you want to root for him in a way that you would root for the lead of a Hrishikesh Mukherjee comedy.

And even when his lies are caught, and he is banished from the band (whose members include incidentally both Chris and Anna) he still manages to save their ass by concocting up a whole show-shaa performance on the spot when the need arises

But all that he does doesn't taalo honi, and Chris eventually marries Anna, which brings us to the best piece of acting done by SR (Sattar Minute doesn't hold a candle to this scene). In the church during the wedding, the ring falls  from the hands of the groom and lands in the aisles, while every one is searching for the ring, Anna asks SR if he has seen it, he in fact knows where the ring is, but chooses to remain silent, remaining a hopeful/hopeless lover till the very end.

Although he gets to walk-away with Juhi Chawla in the end, so you can say he doesn't get a very raw deal. But still, he SHOULD have gotten Anna!


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Nice post! Although there are a handful of other characters that could be included. (yes even the ones who got killed)

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Shiny Ahuja in hazaaro Khwahishein Aisi

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