Kahaan Gaye Wo Haseen Jism....

गोरे रंग पे ना इतना गुमान कर
गोरा रंग दो दिन में ढल जायेगा

This song from the 1974 movie Roti is reminiscence of the fact that the shell life of an actress is much less as compared to the peer actors. There were times, when if an actress got married, she was never offered any lead role and after some years she will be offered the role of  a Mother and Mother-in-Law. With the passage of time, this mentality has changed and these days even married actresses like Vidya Balan, Kareena Kapoor, Kajol are inspiring script writers to offer them lead heroine roles and write exclusively for them.

However, in this article, neither are we going to talk about women empowerment in Hindi movie industry nor are we going to list down 10 career defining roles for Hindi Movie Actress.  In every industry, there are a few people who come and create some hype and hoopla around themselves and encash it with the momentary fame. Today we will take a dig at 5 such actress of 80s and 90s who entered the silver screen with a bang and created lot of stir with their sensuousness and left the scene. Here we are going to have a look at some actresses who took over the industry with a storm in their initial phase but could never sustain the momentum and finally got phased out in future, despite being associated with quite a lot of blockbusters. For our list, we are not considering present actress as we are an optimistic bunch of fellows and we believe present day actress might learn from these actress and would like to prevent the same fate. So, brace yourself to dive into this unintentional dark era of 80s and 90s and Hold your Guns while reading the article.

P.S. The following article contains some 18+ content and Reader's Discretion is advised.


Shilpa Shirodkar
ओ जानेमन चेहरा तेरा
 जादू कोई जादू 
देखा है मैंने तेरी नज़र में, 
तेरी जिगर में, कोई जादू 

She banged on to the silver screen in 1989 with the movie Bhrashtachar. The movie had Prabhu Ji and Rekha in lead roles. Mind it, Rajnikanth had an special appearance in the movie. She played the role of a blind girl and her moment of fame was the rape scene. The director has close to 4 minute shot of Shilpa Shirodkar's bare legs, breasts and the oomphs and the aahs to cater to the front-bencher’s orgasm.

Vertical Panorama...

The 360 degree panorama... 

Needless to say, Anupam Kher is obviously successful in his attempts as our makers in late 80s are helpless in front of a lecherous villain and their pen often succumb to the demands of the villain(read: distributors who often demanded a sex scene in the movies during the late 80s and 90s, but that's a different story and deserves a standalone article).

Ha ha ha... Ab tumhe kaun bachaayegaa....

Her next sultry performance was seen in Rakesh Roshan’s Kishan Kanhaiyaa, where she tried to do a Mandakini act. Of-course the act was well received by the people for whom it was meant for.

The wet water sequence.

Next was this song, where she seduced Jackie Shroff in the movie Dil Hi To Hai. The song is unintentionally funny. Yes, she undresses herself so that her husband makes love to her. [Somebody, please kill me…]

One can never be termed as sexy actress if not performed in a rain song.

Hmmm.. Expressive Dance.

She was often called as Rekha Number 2.

After some time, she bid adieu to the silver screen [Thank God] and while writing this article, I found her latest image as this:

Sachchi me.. Ye hi hai Shilpa Shirodkar.. No Photoshop Warp Tool was used to create this image.



थोड़ा थोड़ा प्यार 
थोड़ा तकरार 
अगर ना हो प्यार में तो 
मज़ा नहीं आता  

She is one actress from the 90s who enjoyed her moment of fame by her seducing art in the pre-naughty america times in Hindi Movies.It was tough to trace her debut movie but according to IMDB her first movie was Adisaya Piravi which had Rajnikanth in the lead(I have no fucking clue!!). She was then seen in the 1991 movie Naachnewaale Gaanewaale a movie remembered for Kadar Khan and Shakti Kapoor's camaraderie and Sukhwinder Singh's song before Dil Se made him a household name.
Obviously her moment of fame was the movie with the then upcoming star Salman Khan in the big budget movie Suryavanshi

The movie bombed at the box-office and till now there had been divided opinions among people on this movie (Some people claim that this was way ahead of its time and was made at a time when such movies were a rarity in Bollywood), one thing was clear that it was the other actress Amrita Singh who won the accolades for the movie and Sheeba’s fame was short-lived.

She was next seen in Mr. Bond, a C-grade rip off of James Bond starring our Akki and Pankaj Dheer in a weird looking Thai-guy.

Temperature Soaring Up.

After then, she was seen more in trashy movies like Suraksha, Raavan Raaj, Pyaar Ka Saaya etc. 

In & As Demi Moore

Told already, a sexy actress's resume is incomplete without a wet-rain sequence.
Shake your bootiya.. 

She again shot to fame with the Baba Sehgal movie Miss 420(remember the song: Aaja Meri Gaadi me Baith Jaa… ) which was directed by her husband but this time also, her moment of fame was short-lived. After this movie she bid adieu to Bollywood as a lead actress and was seen in some short roles in a few movies.

While writing this article, she looked like this

O Sanam O Sanam Mere Jaanam, kahaan chale gaye o jaanam...


Mamta Kulkarni for Stardust magazine cover photo-shoot

हो मैंने देखा जब
तेरी नज़रों के थ्रू 
कभी हंड्रेड-वन 
कभी हंड्रेड-टू 
उस दिन से हुआ 
फीवर ये शुरू 
कभी हंड्रेड-वन 
कभी हंड्रेड-टू

She is one bold actress of 90s who was arguably part of some of the biggest movies of her time and was quite popular also. She was one actress who had little knowledge of acting and she never tried to improve on her skills also.

Photoshoot for a magazine cover.

Obviously her moment of fame came in Karan Arjun in this scene.

Mind it, she was the female Emraan Hashmi at one point of her career:

Don’t you believe me, see this:

So much was her craze in the mid 90s that even Aamir Khan had a movie opposite her. Needless to say, she only did what she knew best.
Kissing with ice is cool... 

Things seemed to change when Rajkumar Santoshi, in whose earlier movie Ghatak (1996) she had a cameo appearance in a song, casted her as the female lead in his 1998 movie China Gate, an ambitious remake of Seven Samurai.
However, things did not go as planned. Relations between Santoshi and the actress soured, and rumors began circulating that she was dropped from the movie, and reinstated only after gangster Chhota Rajan intervened on her behalf. When the movie was finally released, it was also a huge flop. Furthermore, the only song in the movie, the item number Chamma Chamma, was picturised on Urmila Matondkar, even though Kulkarni had built her reputation with such numbers. To add insult to injury, the song turned out to be a chartbuster, greatly increased Urmila's popularity and was even used in Baz Luhrmann's Moulin Rouge!

Angered at the turn of events, Kulkarni lashed out at Santoshi, accused him of cutting her screen time because she had refused his advances. Santoshi denied all rumours related to the movie, and the matter was given a quiet burial. However, this proved to be the death blow to Kulkarni's career. She only appeared in a handful of movies after that, and new offers dried up.

While writing this article, she looked like this:
Sanskaari Selfie


Kimi Katkar
वो कहते हैं हमसे 
अभी उमर नही  है प्यार की 
नादाँ  हैं वो क्या जाने 
कब कलि खिली बहार की 

Although this green-eyed sex symbol  made her debut with the movie Patthar Dil, her moment of fame came with 1985 released cult movie Adventures of Tarzan alongside Hemant Birje. The movie had a cult status among its fans because of the steamy scenes between the lead actors and needless to say, most of the person reading this article would have in some point of time must have watched any scene of this movie.

The movie was a sleeper success all credit goes to the erotic scenes as well as catchy music which was super-hit at that time.

She worked in some forgettable movies in late 80s and her role in most of the movies was to just expose.
Put on the towel, but where is the water..!!

This song can easily go down as the most shitty song of the decade.

Even in the pre-CGI era, the makers have achieved this. Kudos!!

This insect knew the optimized path... 

Her big moment came in 1991 where she was cast as Jumma opposite Amitabh Bachchan in Hum. The song was a runaway success and the movie also became a blockbuster thereby her only big blockbuster till date. 

Told ya.. You have to get wet to prove your worth.

A popular trivia was that she was cast opposite Amitabh Bachchan in Rakesh Roshan’s King Uncle. Later when AB went to retirement, Jackie replaced him and Kimi Katkar was replaced by Anu Aggrawal. Such was her craze during the 90s that she was offered Yash Chopra’s Parampara which she refused [lol, she refused a trashy movie which Aamir did. Logic just jumped out of the window].
Katkar quit the Hindi film industry after her marriage to photographer and ad-filmmaker Shantanu Shorey. She settled in Melbourne, Australia.
During writing this article, her latest pic is this:
They never told me I was making love with a car[Tarzan: The WonderCar]


Haiye ye neeli aankhein...
रोज़ रोज़ आँखों तले , 
एक ही सपना चले 
रात भर काजल जले, 
आँख में जिस तरह 
ख्वाब का दिया जले… 

So, you people were probably waiting for her. If you weren't, sorry to disappoint you guys. On our top spot is the blue-eyed Raj Kapoor’s much publicized lady who started her career in 1985 movie Ram Teri Ganga Maili.

Wet Dance in first movie only... WOW... 

Some of the scenes of this movie were so erotic that at one point, Censor Board decided not to pass the movie, but Raj Kapoor used his power to get them passed.

This scene infuriated the Censor Board.

She tried to recreate the same water magic in the movie Jaal in the subsequent years, but failed miserably.

She acted in few more successful movies like Dance Dance with Mithun and Pyaar Karke Dekho with Govinda which were musical hits but both were instrumental in the career of the respective actors and Mandakini didn't get the advantage from these movies.

One more forgettable movie she did in this era was Jeete Hain Shaan Se, which despite of being bombed at the Box-Office had some peppy songs that is popular even today.[Thanks to the Dance Shows where Prabhu Ji is a judge.]

FTW, she had 8 releases in the year 1988, a feat which has not been achieved by any other actress. Needless to say, she never managed to recreate the success of her first movie.

In 1994, photographs began circulating of Mandakini in the presence of dreaded gangster Dawood Ibrahim. Rumors had already been doing the rounds that the two were having an affair, and the photos only served to fuel them. One of the theories put forward was that Ibrahim, who was known to have a keen interest in Bollywood and had financed movies, had pressured Rishi Kapoor into casting Mandakini, and she was his mistress. Later, it was alleged that she had moved to Dubai to be with him.

While writing this article, she looked like this:
Waqt ne Kiyaa Kya Haseen Sitam

Time is a great leveler. Women who started with a bang got lost in the longer version of screen while slow starters made it big in the end. But whether they lacked talent, aspirations or were just plain unlucky? There are questions that will remain etched in memory of viewers who lost their breath at seeing these beauties. And who knows 'what could have been' if they had managed to survive the tide. Hope you liked the article and let us know your feedback.


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