Remembering the Kapoor Khandan through some images

Bollywood is more than 100 years old now and the journey has been breathtaking. To look back and feel proud of this spectacle is the 'haq' of every Indian. But what hasn't been away from Bollywood is the Kapoor family or the Kapoor Khandan as we call it with love. Starting with Prithvi raj Kapoor in the first ever Bollywood talkie - Alam Ara to the latest Besharam, the bollywood is laden with imprints of this glorious family that gave so much to us

So here's to them, reflecting back through some images

The family tree of Raj Kapoor

source: rediff
One of the old classics, Shafi Inaamdar can be seen in the background

One of the few pics where PRK was there with all his sons.
 This is a pic that defined Bollywood 

The brightest star to come out from the Khandan. The dazzling Raj Kapoor

Shashi Kapoor married English Actress Jennifer Kendal
 while both were pursuing their passion for theater

As much as he is known for his 'junglee' image, the ageing Shammi Kapoor
 looked as majestic as ever (Baratiyon ka swagat Pan Parag se hi hua)

This pic resulted in Bollywood's 2 hottest divas over the period of time

And that's what they look like

The latest star to emerge out of the galaxy of extremely talented family

One of the latest congregations in Toronto IIFA

Kapoor's remain etched in the memories of the fans and will do so for years to come. Time to sit back and admire what they brought to the plate for the whole industry, the whole country. The sound of Mera Joota hai Japani slowly fades in the background, slowly dissolving to the tunes of Balam Pichkari. Times have changed but the legacy goes on

And here is a bonus pic. A Rare pic of the Khandan where even Karan Kapoor was present (remember Loha?)


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