Five Notable Bhojpuri Films

Bhojpuri is familiar to almost half of the Hindi speaking north India population. Every now and then Hindi films have a Bhojpuri-speaking-UP-Bihar-ka character. Yet the Bhojpuri film industry suffers from lack of quality, plagiarism, vulgarity and what not.
                                But that has not been always the case. Like Hindi movies, Bhojpuri films too have had a golden past (right from the inception of industry in 1963). There have been absolutely remarkable films over the years before the recent decadence. Recently Bhojpuri Film Industry completed it's fifty years. Today we'll walk you through some of the pieces of such cinema which got buried in the sands of time

1. Ganga Maiyya Tohe Piyari Chadhaibo

                   The first Bhojpuri movie, this was the brainchild of Nazir Husain and suggested by Dr. Rajendra Prasad (yes, the then president of India). Based on a sensitive issue of widow remarriage and made with a budget of Rs. 5 lakhs, this film went on to become a super-duper hit. It even inspired Raj kapoor to make 'Teesri-Kasam'.

                                                                         Title Song

2. Bidesiya

              Considered among classics, and released in 1963, Bidesiya is yet another rooted film fragrant with delightful folk music. The titular role was played by Sujit Kumar (bhojpuri legend) and this movie paved the way of him attaining greatness. The heart touching story of a upper caste thakur and a lower caste girl was something not even imaginable during that time.  

hasi hasi panva khiawale be-imanva

3. Dangal

             Centerd around a bout of wrestling, Dangal was a path-breaking movie in many aspects. Firstly it was the first color bhojpuri film. although it took sometime for industry to release color movies, the start could not have been better. It was Nadeem-Shravan's first music assignment. It brought the duo into highlight log before they came in limelight. The songs were very catchy and one song in particular is fresh even today in minds of bhojpuri film lovers.

Kashi Hile Patna Hile

4. Balam Pardesia 

                              Balam Pardesiya is a treat to watch. A light film with beautiful songs which went on to become cross-over hits. Being made in 1979 this movie honestly depicts the folk color. Songs 'Gorki Patarki Re' and 'Chadhte Phalgun' were sung by Mohd. Rafi and are the two best in the movie.

Gorki Patarki Re
chadhte fagun jiyara

5. Hamar Bhauji

Coming into '80s, when Bhojpuri Cinema's decline had started, this movie had a number of notable actors including Shri Ram Lagoo, Tanuja, Sachin. It was tough for films to taste success that time, still this one stood out. Songs of this family drama were sung by the likes of Udit Narayan and Suresh Wadekar.


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