Movies that put wind in your hair

Here is a genre that Indian filmmakers rarely attempt: road movies. Maybe it’s because Indians don’t travel a lot - when Thomas Roe gave Jahangir the then map of the world, far from being excited, Jahangir didn’t even accept it (so much for naming himself the king of the world).

Anyways, if you think you are a traveler, active or dormant, here are some movies that I hope you will love.

Road, Movie
Arguably, one of the finest movies made in recent years in Hindi cinema, this is a dreamy and magical masterpiece by Dev Benegal.  Even though it is primarily about the magic of cinema it is still a travel movie at its core and an awesome one at that. Obviously, it flopped at the box office and that again makes one wish that India had some academy/organization offering awards to movies that are actually good.

Watch it if you love traveling or movies or for its breath taking visuals if nothing else.

Into The Wild
A traveler’s delight, Into the Wild follows Christopher McCandless’s journey through whole of North America as he plans to, and finally visits, Alaska. Although based on his travels, this is not a typical road movie. Unlike the most travel movies which are about some transforming journey that the protagonist (and others) takes this movie is about an alternate lifestyle devoid of dehumanizing “necessities” like credit cards and id proofs.

The Motorcycle Diaries (Spanish: Diarios de motocicleta)
This fabulous movie about an expedition across South America that 23-year-old Ernesto ‘Che’ Guevara undertook along with his friend needs no introduction. This line by its screenplay writer says it all:
"Every generation needs a journey story; every generation needs a story about what it is to be transformed by geography, what it is to be transformed by encounters with cultures and people that are alien from yourself, and you know that age group 15 to 25, that’s the perfect generation to get on a motorcycle, to hit the road, to put on your backpack and just go out."

Watch this movie if you like good movies or traveling or if you want to be touched by human experiences or if you simply want to know about that face on your t-shirt.

Sideways is a comic, dark and poignant movie about a middle-aged, wine-loving, unsuccessful author , Miles, who takes a road trip with his about to be married friend Jack. While Miles wants to educate Jack's palate and enjoy the countryside, Jack plans to spend the holiday getting laid one last time before his wedding. Despite its slow pace, Sideways grows on you with its real characters and gripping script.

Little Miss Sunshine
A troubled family gets on the road in a bright yellow Volkswagen microbus to take its daughter to a senseless beauty pageant in California. “The story is really about this family's starting separately and ending together." - Michael Arndt, writer. 

Watch this movie if you take your life, your dreams or your love too seriously.

O Brother Where Art Thou
Set in American south during the depression of 1930s, this movie follows the bizarre road trip of three fugitives as they look for a treasure while avoiding the law. This Coen Brothers’ adaptation of Homer’s Odyssey is one of those rare movies that leave you feeling happy.

Y Tu Mamá También (English: And Your Mother Too)
It’s hard to say whether this Mexican movie is more liberating or scandalizing, but, either ways, it’s a quintessential road movie and one of the best of its kind.  Julio and Tenoch, two boys, take Luisa, an older woman, on a trip to an imaginary beach called Boca del Cielo. Eventually, they do find a secluded beach and discover a lot about each other and themselves on the way.

Please do mention in the comments any good travel movie that I haven't mentioned here.


{ cosmic_wanderer } at: November 11, 2012 at 4:28 PM said...

A really good list and each of the choices deserve to be up there.

Another suggestion I would have is The Way Back:

A film about a group of prisoners who escape from a Siberian Gulag camp during World War II, and walk their way to India.

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