4 Actresses Whose Earlier Looks Leave Us Baffled

A lot of entertainment value from the movies is derived by watching older films and chuckling at our younger selves (Hum bhi kitne chutiye the), because our younger selves loved those films and fantasized about being the Sando-Baniyan wearing Hero or going to College with the pretty heroine. I am a huge fan of the early 90s, and thanks to youtube (etc) am able to revisit that era of craziness in form of the movie songs. And many times I have been dumbstruck, looking at the actress and wondering - How The Hell Did She Become a Leading Lady!

But then I realized that the fault wasn't entirely mine, because along with the passage of times, these ladies too changed dramatically, and since my memory of them associated itself with their present looks, I guess I thought that this was how they always looked.

Sadly, that psychological myth has been shattered for me, and thanks to the unforgiving powers of images.google.com, I fished out photos of 4 major actresses from their early movies, and it was only by sitting on a huge reclining arm-chair that I prevented myself from reeling. I present to you, case in point

4. Karishma Kapoor

Karishma has been out of the acting game for quite a long time, but there was a time when she was the reigning queen, and not just because she loved singing and dancing with Govinda, she had films like Jaanwar, Dil to Pagal Hai and Zubeida to her credit. However she started out her career with a (classic) film called Prem Qaidi, in which she looked like this

 If the look of worry on her face is about her future, then she has little to worry about

But then of course, she did the cult-hit Andaz Apna Apna, where she had the epic line of dialogue ‘Chalo Chalo Dande Maarein’, and she starred in the film when she had a weird sense of dress, and a very very strange face

I have to exclude this image from my mind everytime I think of Andaz Apna Apna

Perhaps someone was brutal enough, or Kind enough to tell her that there was something seriously wrong with the way she looked, and there is only a limit to which one can use the Kapoor family name and succeed. She might have looked up her Father’s Stellar career and decided that it was time to see a make over specialist

And so she became a dude with Long Hair

But I guess around this time  the celestial powers that be that watch over these over paid Bollywood stars decided that she be given a break, and magically she first started turning into

Although her transformation was still not complete, she had two more steps left. One was Screen Queen

Yes, she has Do Me eyes, AND an hourglass figure

And the other one, the most surprising one is her Current, Milf Avatar

So perhaps the key to becoming Hot is getting Married and giving Birth, here’s looking at you Deepika

3. Kajol
I have been a fan of Kajol since, well, forever. In fact, saying that I am a fan would be an understatement, I have been in love with Kajol for a long long time. I believe the two of us have a connection, she hasn’t realized it yet, perhaps a long career of working with Shah Rukh Khan has addled her mind but I am waiting for the day that she comes to her senses.
A lot of people might argue saying that Kajol should not be in this list since technically even now she cannot be called Hot, but then, a lot of people are not making this list. I am making this list, and I consider her to be thus.
But first, let us look at how she looked before she helped a lot of young men become boys by filming the songs ‘Honthon Pe Bas Tera Naam Hai’ and ‘Jaati hoon Main’.

 Ma’am..er…there is something between your brows, ma’am....ma’am!

And believe me, because I am not a (very) cruel bastard, I have chosen this pic from amongst those which are almost bearable. Catch my drift and don’t go image searching for Kajol’s unibrow.

Ok, I know you would, so I will help you, perhaps this will stop you from heading over to google images

If shown at a young age, this pic has the potential to stop many potential criminals from venturing into a life of crime

Perhaps I shall elaborate on my love for Kajol, I believe I need to defend her. You see, she married Ajay Devgan (or Devgn, whatever). And if a girl marries a guy who looks like (and is) Ajay Devgan, then that says a lot about the milk of human kindness that sloshes within her.

See! No Unibrow
It is a sad thing that she has more or less given up her acting career except for the occasional big budget flop with her husband or a random film with one of the three Khans, come back Kajol, there’s always room for someone who looks so pretty

And if you say you DO NOT find her Pretty, I shall find you and kill you

2. Shilpa Shetty
This tall, long legged dusky siren hasn’t really had much of an acting career as much as she has had a dancing career, and the occasional international reality show, or Yoga (wink wink) DVDs that makes men across all ages exercise. But then, Ye India hai sir, and when you look THIS hot, you do not need to have much of an acting career.

Pictured : THIS hot

However, she too had her weird phase, before she made her debut in Baazigar, at the age of 16, I present to you Shilpa at the age of 15

So basically when I said that I am not a cruel bastard, I lied

If you are thinking, Come On! That’s a Childhood pic, every one is ugly as a kid. Well, that is NOT a childhood pic, if you want one, I shall give you this

And by pasting this pic here, I have reserved for myself a nice and warm place in Hell

Okay, I accept, I am an asshole. It’s unfair for me to post pictures of the time before she started her extra ordinary film safar, so I give to you, my good friends, Ms Shetty the actress

Here she is reading How To Look Hot in The Future

Despite, or maybe because of her earlier lackluster career, Shilpa realized that there is more to life than dancing with Sanjay Dutt and giving him fever (although a lot of us, including me are thankful for that), she knew that there was something special in her which would be the envy of most actresses around her, and she danced in a song that has in my esteemed opinion, made her a legend.

Thanks E. Niwas, for doing something right in your life

Her Bollywood career is more or less over, apart from the one-off Shutting up and Bouncing Basket Ball anthem etc, she too has got married like the two previous ladies in this list, and after getting married, she has perhaps decided to get hotter everyday. I leave you with this nice wallpaper of her

Say Thank You…to the wonderful institution of Marriage

1.      Rekha
Okay, I admit the rest of the actresses in this were more of a personal choice, but for this list, Goddess Rekha is a Universal and a natural choice. They say a picture is worth many kinds of words, so I present to you the eternal beauty when she wasn’t so eternal

It’s hard to find what is Right with this pic
Yes, that IS Rekha, or rather that was Rekha when she started her career. And no, this is not of the time when she was a childhood actress and worked part time in the circus of Horrors, this is from an actual movie.
Being the daughter of a legend, perhaps she had an easy entry even when she looked so…different. But then, someone would have dared to go close to her and whispered in her bejeweled ears that something needs to be done. So something was done

Something is not always better than Nothing
Wipe that look of incredulity from your face, that too is Rekha. And she wasn’t doing one of those multiple roles in the same film projects, this image is from a slightly later stage of her early career, and it is quite possible that this is what worked back then. Also, this

This seems like Forced Seduction
So I guess somewhere along the line she made a deal with Lucifer, and decided that she is going to look beautiful throughout her multiple lives

Post-Deal Rekha, dealing with her new looks

One of her biggest hits was a movie called Khoon Bhari Maang, it was about a girl who initially looks ugly, is left by her husband, becomes hot and gets revenge. In retrospect it might be her most autobiographical role till date. Rekha has been (reportedly) married multiple times, so going by the logic I stated in the earlier part of this article, that would be a reason why she is close to sixty and is still very very beautiful

As close as ten years ago, (considering her career span), it was More than okay to call her sexy

Although she doesn’t enjoy mud baths with Akshay Kumar as much as she used to, and has finally consented to playing Mother roles (perhaps because of a bet she lost once to Rakesh Roshan), the transformation in the way she used to be and how she looks presently is the most striking ever!

Thank you, thank you. Yes I am here to declare that I shall be staying beautiful Forever. And yes, Lucifer is dead.


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